Welcome to EntheonGaia

EntheonGaia is a convergence of like minds and tribes from across Australia and around the world who are gathering to reunite our global community by facilitating a shared space for learning, connection, stability and joy in Far Nth Qld.

"EntheonGaia" is a merger of two words, "Entheon", and "Gaia". "Entheon" is a term derived from the ancient Greek "Entheos", which literally means the "God (theos) within". An Entheon is an entity which discovers God, or divine inspiration, within itself. "Gaia" was the goddess of the Earth in the ancient Greek religion. According to the "Gaia hypothesis", plants, animals, and inorganic compounds are interconnected as a dynamic system, making the Earth itself one living organism.

The EntheonGaia Gathering will be focused around connection and learning with three days and three nights of fascinating plant and consciousness based workshops including talks, performances, multimedia interactions, installations, eclectic market stalls and music.

We invite you to join us for this very special event!